About up9rade:

Mainly focus on machine learning and deep learning, and try to explain things in visualized and easy to be interpreted way.

More like a draft about machine learning and mathematics, about image and miscellany.

The good side about it’s positioning of draft: keeps updating with learning.

Will NOT cover the following:

  • If there’s already a clear & better explanation in wikipedia

  • Background information as there are too much online materials available

  • Abc knowledge if which I could not supply with my own explanation or intuition

Will cover the following:

  • Implement something from scratch, aka write a multilayer network from implementing matrix operation

  • Link cross domain spots together, aim to have a deeper understanding on certain area

Intuition about this site:

Keep trying and learning, until found your own right intuition.

Interesting factors about the posts:

You will find majority of the posts are in status of : ongoing and unfinished. You may read from grade 1 if you are new in related field.

By asking what is what? What is what of what? Constructing knowledge system wider and deeper, it’s a way to reconnect isolated islands and just like the neurons connect with each other.

It’s a cheerful journey because you will find something never been taught through textbooks.